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How can I get the nutritional facts if I customize my sandwich?
Click here to customize your sandwich and get nutritional facts.
What items on the menu are gluten free?
Click here to see all our gluten free menu items.
Where can I find Arby’s Nutrition & Allergen Information?
Click here to see all nutrition and allergen information.
What ingredients are on Arby’s menu items?
Click here to get more details on the ingredients used to craft our delicious menu items.
What are the hours of operation for my local Arby’s?
Click here to see when we are available to Inspire A Smile for you.
What is the address to my local Arby’s?
Click here to find the address for your local Arby’s to drive on over so we can craft the perfect sandwich for you.
What is the telephone number to my local Arby’s?
Click here to talk with our restaurant team. They are happy to help you.
Where is the nearest Arby’s restaurant to me?
Click here to find the nearest Arby’s to you. We are waiting to serve you.
What do I do if my local Arby’s was not open according to the posted hours of operation?
Write to Us to provide more details about the restaurant you tried visiting to help us better serve you.
How do I submit a request to have an Arby’s restaurant built in my city?
Click here to submit a real estate site.
What Limited-Time Offers are Arby’s currently promoting?
Click here to see our newest crafted innovations.
How many different types of meats does Arby’s offer?
Arby’s primary menu consists of: Roast Beef, Brisket, Corned Beef, Traditional Gyro meat, Chicken, Turkey, Ham, Bacon, Genoa Salami, and Pepperoni.
What are Arby’s signature sandwiches?
Click here to see our signature sandwiches.
What are Arby’s Market Fresh® sandwiches?
Click here to see our Market Fresh® selections.
What is on Arby’s kid’s menu?
Click here to see our complete kid’s menu.
How do I become part of Arby’s Extras Club and receive exclusive deals via e-mail?
Click here to sign up to be part of Arby’s Extras Club and receive exclusive deals.
How do I update my e-mail preferences?
On any latest e-mail from Arby’s, simply click "update your profile" at the bottom of your email.
How do I sign up for texts?
Text your zip code to 272-97 on your mobile phone.
How do I unsubscribe from e-mails?
Visit the bottom of any Arby’s e-mail, and click "unsubscribe" or email websupport@arbys.com.
How do I redeem my offer?
Visit any participating Arby’s restaurant and show the offer to the cashier.
Is it necessary to print the e-mail to redeem the offer?
It is not necessary to print the offer e-mail. Simply show the coupon on your mobile phone to the cashier.
Why aren’t I receiving Arby’s e-mails?
Please check your spam/ junk folder and make sure to add arbys@arbys.fbmta.com to your safe sender list.
I signed up to be a part of Arby’s Extras Club but didn’t receive anything.
It is possible you might have already signed up for Arby’s emails. If you’re already signed up, you will receive an error message when you attempt to sign up again. Please check your spam/junk folder and make sure to add arbys@arbys.fbmta.com to your safe sender list.
How do I unsubscribe from test messages?
Simply reply STOP to your latest text message from Arby’s or text the word STOP to 272-97. You may also email websupport@arbys.com with your phone number and request to opt-out.
Why don’t I get coupons in the mail when I live right down the street from a restaurant?
Every Arby’s Restaurant operator chooses whether or not they wish to distribute coupons and the geography where they mail to. If you are not receiving them now, but would like to, please contact the local restaurant manager to inquire about their specific program.
Can I be added to the mailing list for Arby’s coupons?
Arby’s does not have a mailing list that they send coupons directly to. Instead, we utilize a third party mailing company or newspaper to distribute our flyers along with other advertisers. Unless you live in the geography where coupons are being mailed, we unfortunately can not add you to the distribution.
Why didn’t I get coupons in the mail this month?
Not every operator distributes coupons every single month. Feel free to check with your local restaurant to inquire when they plan to distribute coupons in your zip code.
What if I receive the mail packet with Arby’s and other advertisers, but wish not to receive that mailer?
The mailer is not sent out by Arby’s but by a third party. Please contact the mail package vendor (noted on the outside pages) to request you be removed from their distribution.
No coupons are mailed to me, but I’d still like to receive coupons. How can I get some?
You can visit our website at Arbys.com, and sign up for Arby’s emails to receive deals that way.
Where Can I purchase an Arby’s gift card?
Arby’s gift cards are sold at participating Arby’s restaurants as well as retail stores nationwide. Arby’s gift cards are also available for purchase on our website at https://arbys.com/gift-cards.
I have a gift card that I was not able to use to make a purchase. Why won’t the card work?
Gift cards at times may not work for a variety of reasons. Please Write to Us about your issue and include your gift card number.
How do I find out my gift card balance?
The balance inquiry line can be accessed by calling (800) 699-5802.
Where can I use my Arby’s gift card?
Arby’s gift cards can be used to purchase food at any Arby’s restaurant in the United States. Arby’s gift cards cannot be redeemed at Arby’s restaurant locations outside of the United States.
What are the price options when purchasing an Arby’s gift card?
Gift cards purchased at an Arby’s can be in denomination from $10-$50. Cards purchased at third party retailers may offer different denominations.
Can I purchase Arby’s gift cards anywhere else online?
Arby’s gift cards are sold in Arby’s restaurants, thousands of authorized retailor, and our website. Gift cards from another website may not be an authorized seller of the card. If you gift card does not work, contact the vendor from which you bought the card.
What do I do if my gift card is lost or stolen?
If you gift card is lost or stolen, Write to Us below and tell us what happened. If possible, provide the gift card number.